Vans Dirt & Roll

Tomas from the Czech Republic just sent us a bunch of information about a dirt contest they’re doing there, and it sounds like they are doing it right… the event is taking place 29-30 June, in Jicin – for more info, hit

Vans Dirt&Roll
29. – 30.6.2012
Jicin, Czech Republic

Prize money 1.000 EUR

Unique connection of bmx dirt jump event and rock’n’roll music festival will be hold in Jicin, Czech Republic. You can expect amazing course of 6 – 7 jumps designed by Tomas Kudrnac, Dusan Antalik and Martin Capek, more in trails style than dirt jump. The music part will include about 10 concerts going from hardcore to alternative, guitars on all the time for sure. That all for free, count also cheap and excellent Czech beer, beautiful Czech chicks, good time and party all the time. I mean anything a guy can want.
At last not least, Jicin is also known as “trails-town” in Czech Republic. Type “L.E.S. trails” at google, that’s it. Trails are less than 15 minutes to pedal from event, sessions are planned there as well.

More info www.dirtandroll.com