Save Sidley Woods

The year is 1991 and Hastings is starting to make serious waves in BMX, worldwide – and back then Sidley Woods was a great dirt spot and has since grown from strength to strength – the trails are still running today, and we need to keep ‘em running. This is Keith Duly hitting the cover of Invert magazine, photo by Mark Noble. 1991!

Sidley Woods Trails have been running strong just outside Hastings, UK, for over thirty years. Thirty years of good times, legendary riders, local riders, pro riders filming video parts and shooting magazine photos – kids started out riding there, grew up there and are bringing up the next generation and the whole cycle continues. Sidley Woods is a truly legendary spot – and now a proposed road plan and development is threatening the spot with demolition. You can help prevent this by getting involved with the Facebook Group and the Petition online.