Name: Dave Douglas aka Davros
Age: 28
Hometown: Winchester
Local Trails: Barend
Years Riding: eeek…
Years Diggin’: since I was 14


1: What was the last thing you did today before answering this lot?
Looked through my camera, just got back from Cornwall.

2: Where did you ride your bike last?
Sheet trails.

3: What was the last new trick you learnt?
Yeah, I wish. I can’t remember the last time I learnt a new trick.

4: When did you last build up a new bike?
When I got the Deluxe PA Model through.

5: What was the last album you bought?
A White Stripes one.

6: What was the last book you read?
Bash The Rich.

7: What was the last BMX video you watched?

8: What was the last city you visited?
St Ives.

9: When, and where, were you last genuinely lost on your travels?
St Ives.

10: What was your last meal?
A vegetable samosa in the back of a car.

11: What was the last great gadget or invention that you saw or bought?
An Apple Mac – a second hand one but it’s still good.

12: When was the last time you scared yourself?
King’s Park’s wobbly trannies.

13: Where is the last place on earth you want to visit?
Neil and Wayne’s house probably.


Top 5 Trails Riders Of All Time
1. Robo
2. Punjab
3. Chris Stauffer
4. Jim (MYBer)
5. Leo 40

Top 5 Trails Spots I’ve Ridden
1. Brighouse
2. Loogabarooga
3. Skelly Woods RIP
4. Harefield
5. Knowl Hill RIP

Top 5 Countries
1. England
2. New Zealand
3. Catalonia
4. Wales
5. The Isle of Wight. Okay so I guess I haven’t been to too many countries.

Top 5 Books
1. 1984
2. Homage to Catalan
3. Survivor
4. Keep Your Eyes Open, Glenn E Friedman
5. Solaris

Top 5 Films
1. This Is England
2. Dead Man’s Shoes
3. Super Bad
4. Pan’s Labyrinth
5. Instrument

Top 5 BMX videos
1. Electronical
2. Road Fools 1
3. Anthem
4. PA Woods
5. Give it Back / Tip One Out

Top 5 Websites
1. Ebay
2. Prettyshady
3. Bar End
4. Google
5. Southpark Zone

Top 5 Magazines
1. Ride
2. Grafik
3. I D
4. CR
5. Class War

Top 5 Places
1. Barend
2. My room
3. Brighouse Camping Facility, with a fire and some bad boys.
4. Behind a view finder.
5. Anywhere at night.

Top 5 Companies in BMX
1. Deluxe
2. Odyssey
3. T1
4. Bicycle Union
5. Dirty Bikes

Top 5 Photographers
1. Glenn E Friedman
2. Dean Smith
3. Will Jones
4. Tim Ireland
5. Lomographers

Top 5 Places I want to visit
1. America
2. France
3. Ireland
4. Catty Woods
5. Barcelona again

Frame: Deluxe Tech2, XL
Fork: Proper Proclaimer
Handlebar: Deluxe BMX, XXL
Stem: Deluxe F-Lite
Headset: Integral
Grips: ODI
Seat: Deluxe, stripped
Seatpost: Deluxe
Seatclamp: Deluxe F-Lite
Crank: Illegal
Chainwheel: Deluxe BMX, 25T
Pedals: Deluxe F-Lite
Chain: KHE Half Link
Bottom Bracket: Spanish
Tyres: KHE Mac Dirt front, street rear
Wheels: Deluxe F-Lite Hubs, Eclat Rims
Brakes: Dia Compe
Levers: Tech 77
Weight: Fairly light…
Any modifications? Not really…
What’s the newest part? Frame, bars and sprocket
What’s your favourite part? Frame, it’s spot on and slim…


From 2008

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