Name: Mark Potoczny
Age: 25
Hometown: Independence, Pennsylvania
Local Trails: My parents house
Years Riding: 14
Years Diggin’: 14
Job: Tax Preparer
Ambition: Enjoy life and travel more.

1: What was the last thing you did today before answering this lot?
I have been sitting at work all day, and I wish I was outside.

2: Where did you ride your bike last?
Late night session at Imperial skatepark with Wert and Charlie.

3: What was the last new trick you learnt?
I learned how to renegade a beer recently.

4: When did you last build up a new bike?
I just built up my new XXL frame and haven’t got to ride it just yet because of rain.

5: What was the last album you bought?
Tim Berry — Rivanna Junction. I bought it at one of his shows, and after his set he went outside and played on the street corner for another half hour.

6: What was the last book you read?
Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a County.

7: What was the last BMX video you watched?
PA Woods 10 Year DVD

8: What was the last city you visited?
Cleveland, Ohio to ride Ray’s.

9: When, and where, were you last genuinely lost on your travels?
It was one summer in Portland, Oregon. Half the city streets were shut down because of a gay pride parade and I couldn’t find my way to the highway. We were trying to get to Salemn trails and I freaked out after driving around the city for about a half hour.

10: What was your last meal?
Grandma’s vegetable stew

11: What was the last great gadget or invention that you saw or bought?
I got a GPS last year and that thing helped me get around most of the country in 2009.

12: When was the last time you scared yourself?
450ing a set in the downhill line at my parent’s house and landing on my head.

13: Where is the last place on earth you want to visit?


Top 5 Trails Riders Of All Time
1. Aitken
2. Glenn Johnson
3. BF
4. Bennett
5. Doyle

Top 5 Trails Spots I’ve Ridden
1. Posh
2. Catty
3. The house
4. Chertsey
5. Minersville

Top 5 Countries
1. England
2. Canada
3. Spain
4. Germany
5. God bless America

Top 5 Books
1. 1984
2. Slaughter House 5
3. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
4. Brave New World
5. Walden

Top 5 Films
1. Old School
2. Wedding Crashers
3. Night at the Roxbury
4. Big Lebowski
5. Zoolander

Top 5 BMX videos
1. Seek & Destroy
2. Empire East
3. Juvenile Trickery
4. Wide Awake Nightmare
5. Thunder

Top 5 Websites
1. Weather.com
2. Pirates.com
3. Welcome2pittsburgh
4. Here For Kicks
5. Sasquatch canyon

Photo, Vincent P

Top 5 Magazines
1. Dig
2. Case
3. Ride UK
4. National Geographic
5. I don’t read many mags…

Top 5 Places
1. My parent’s house
2. Belvedre’s
3. Imperial
4. Pittsburgh
5. My Hammock

Top 5 Companies in BMX
1. Deluxe
2. Sun Ringle
3. Round 2
5. FBM

Top 5 Photographers
1. Rob Dolecki
2. Walter Pieringer
3. Sandy Carson
4. Netley
5. Ross Boss

Top 5 Places I want to visit
1. Asia
2. Africa
3. South America
4. Australia
5. Europe, I want to see it all.

Top 5 People
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Martin Potoczny
4. Mike Potoczny
5. Pirate Parrot

Frame: Deluxe PA Model, XXL size
Fork: And Forks 33
Handlebar: Deluxe XXL black
Stem: Deluxe F-Lite
Headset: FSA
Grips: ODI
Seat: Deluxe Superlight
Seatclamp: Deluxe
Crank: Profiles
Chainwheel: Pompom F-Lite
Pedals: Deluxe F-Lites
Chain: KMC
Bottom Bracket: Midsize
Tyres: Duo
Wheels: Sun Ringle
Brakes: Fly
Levers: Odyssey


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