Name: Maxime Bimar
Age: 24
Hometown: Peynier
Local Trails: Peynier trails
Years Riding: Around 14 years
Years Diggin’: 12
Job: loader driver (soon)
Ambition: Keep riding, make a rock’n’roll band


1: What was the last thing you did today before answering this lot?
Watching Dora The Explorer with my nephew.

2: Where did you ride your bike last?
At Pessac, close to Bordeaux France, where I broke my ankle on a skatepark’s hip.

3: What was the last new trick you learnt?
I think, x-up to no-hand to almost x-up.

4: When did you last build up a new bike?
Five minutes ago. I just finish to fit my parts on the Deluxe.

5: What was the last album you bought?
Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation.

6: What was the last book you read?
The Essential Punk Accessory.

7: What was the last BMX video you watched?
Prettyshady 5, so shady.

8: What was the last city you visited?
Bordeaux, in my car after my BMX crash on the hip. Hard to drive injured at the ankle in a unknown city. Good and clean city.

9: When, and where, were you last genuinely lost on your travels?
Around the beginning of 2008 in LA. I went out on my bike from my host family to discover this shady city. I found some guys with BMX bikes, I asked them if I could find trails. They told me yes, but it’s far away. I went straight ahead, and I found a few shady jumps. Nothing interesting. I lost myself when I wanted to get back home.

10: What was your last meal?
No idea.

11: What was the last great gadget or invention that you saw or bought?
I saw a geek with an Iphone. He’s able to find cop’s radars with it. To find the location of people with their phone number, and to find the band and more of a song which is played around it… All with an Iphone.

12: When was the last time you scared yourself?
When I woke up in a different bed. But alone. Drunk party.

13: Where is the last place on earth you want to visit?
Roller’s contest


Top 5 Trails Riders Of All Time
1. Markus Hampl
2. Alex Dropsy
3. Bibi
4. Gilbert
5. Beou and Pat

Top 5 Trails Spots I’ve Ridden
1. Peynier
2. Barak (Vans Barak Invitational, Dropsy Bibi and Gilbert’s contest)
3. Nasty’s trail in riverside.
4. Elian Torniol’s trail, there’s a picture of Chase Hawk in Dig, the trails issue.
5. Linz’s trail. Austria King of Dirt.

Top 5 Countries
1. France
2. USA
3. Austria
4. Germany
5. Italia

Top 5 Books
1. The Essential Punk Accessory
2. Rock’n’Folk, the perfect discography
3. Biography of Lester Bangs. Rock Critic, by Jim Derogatis
4. I’m not a book lover.

Top 5 Films
1. Bernie
2. Usual Suspects
3. Trainspotting
4. Lost Highway
5. The Filth And The Fury

Top 5 BMX videos
1. FBM Albert Street
2. Prettyshady 2
3. I don’t like BMX videos so much…

Top 5 Websites
1. Prettyshady
2. Deezer
3. Wikipedia
4. Databmx
5. Google

Top 5 Magazines
1. Soul BMX
2. Cream
3. Sniffin’ Glue
4. Abus Dangereux (music mag)
5. Nothing else…

Top 5 Places
1. On my bike at Peynier with some friends
2. In a bed with a girl
3. In my pub
4. LA
5. In my Ferrari

Top 5 Companies in BMX
1. Profile
2. Deluxe
3. Twenty Velocross
4. T-1
5. Kastan?

Top 5 Photographers
1. Kang
2. Manu Sanz
3. Alex Dropsy
4. Hadrien Picard
5. Keith Mulligan

Top 5 Places I want to visit
1. On a stage with my future punk band
2. Every good trails
3. London
4. New York
5. Africa

Top 5 People
1. Ian Mackaye (Fugazi)
2. Joe Strummer (The Clash)
3. Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols)
4. Jacques Dutronc
5. Serge Gainsbourg

FRAME: Deluxe Sacre Bleu, 21.1″ Clearcoat
FORK: And Forks, 23s
BARS: Deluxe V2 Handlebar, XXL size
STEM: Deluxe F-Power, polished
FRONT WHEEL: Deluxe F-Lite Complete Wheel, sealed
REAR WHEEL: Deluxe F-Lite Complete Wheel, 9T RHD, sealed
TYRES: Kenda / KHE
PEDALS: Deluxe F-Lite, polished
SPROCKET: Deluxe Pompom, 25T
GRIPS: Deluxe Shovelhands
CHAIN: Shadow
CRANK: Courtesy Ezco
SEATCLAMP: Deluxe Superlight
SEAT: Deluxe Tripod Sample
BAR ENDS: Bar End Bar Ends


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