Name: Mike Saavedra
Age: 28
Hometown: Riverside
Local Trails: Blue Bench
Years Riding: Half my life
Years Diggin’: 14
Job: entrepreneur
Ambition: is only limited by your imagination.

Last But Not Least…

1: What was the last thing you did today before answering this lot?
Dug up a snake hibernating deep underground at the trails today.

2: Where did you ride your bike last?
Woodward West and Nasty’s house, both were amazing!

3: What was the last new trick you learnt?
Turndown to tailwhip, and flip bars.

4: When did you last build up a new bike?
Last week when I built up my new Deluxe.

5: What was the last album you bought?
The Black Keys Discography

6: What was the last book you read?
Letters to Sam

7: What was the last BMX video you watched?
Anthem ll

8: What was the last city you visited?

9: When, and where, were you last genuinely lost on your travels?
Two summers ago in Barcelona. But that’s what you do when you travel, is get lost. If you’re not getting lost you’re not seeing enough.

10: What was your last meal?
Some carrots, kale and avocado.

11: What was the last great gadget or invention that you saw or bought?
A Segway

12: When was the last time you scared yourself?
Right after I finished digging the big line and realized I had to hit it first!

13: Where is the last place on earth you want to visit?


Top 5 Trails Riders Of All Time
1. Aitken
2. Doyle
3. Hawk
4. Foster
5. Yeagle

Top 5 Trails Spots I’ve Ridden
1. Posh
2. Epsom
3. 60s
4. Biohazard
5. Gavilan Hills

Top 5 Countries
1. New Zealand
2. Spain
3. The Netherlands
4. UK
5. Mexico

Top 5 Books
1. DMT The Spirit Molecule
2. Hydroponics 101

Top 5 Films
1. The Botany of Desire
2. Exit Through The Gift Shop
3. Food Matters
4. Man on the Moon
5. What The Bleep Went Down The Rabbit Hole

Top 5 BMX videos
1. Anthem ll
2. This is United
3. Thunder
4. Welcome to Deluxe
5. Soil

Top 5 Websites
1. clickedbmx.com
2. Profileracing.com
3. DeluxeBMX.com
4. PAwoods.com
5. netflix

Top 5 Magazines
1. Dig
2. Cream
3. Soul
4. Ride UK
5. Ride US

Top 5 Places
1. Posh
2. Deep Creep Hot Springs
3. Austin
4. Barcelona
5. Amsterdam

Top 5 Companies in BMX
1. Deluxe
2. Profile Racing
3. S&M
4. Kink
5. T1

Top 5 Photographers
1. Jeremypavia.com
2. Rob Dolecki Twicebmx.com
3. Walterpieringer.com
4. Jeffzphoto.com
5. Davies James Finnfotography.com

Top 5 Places I want to visit
1. Catty Woods
2. Hazelwoods
3. NW woods
4. Eastside
5. South of France

Top 5 People
1. Joe Rich
2. Johnny Devlin
3. Aaron Bostrom
4. Matt Coplon
5. Ray Tellez

Frame: Deluxe Tech ll
Fork: Pitch Fork XLTs
Handlebar: Still rockin’ the Slams
Stem: Profile Push
Headset: FSA
Grips: Longnecks soft
Seat: Shadow one piece seatpost combo
Seatclamp: What’s that? Oh yeah, Profile
Crank: Profile 170s
Chainwheel: Deluxe 28T
Pedals: Deluxe
Chain: KMC
Bottom Bracket: Deluxe Spanish bb
Tyres: KHE Dirt
Wheels: Profile Elite hubs, with 7KA rims
Brakes: No thanks
Levers: Get stuck in your pockets on turndowns
Weight: 21 or 22 lbs
Any modifications? Cut off cable guides and kicked the bars a wee bit forward.
What’s the oldest part? 100% fresh
What’s the newest part? The whole bike
What’s your favourite part? As much as I love my new Tech2, I would have to say the sound of my Profile Elite hub puts the biggest smile on my face!


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