Name: Alexandre Pommier aka Pompom
Age: 27
Hometown: Périgueux
Local Trails: La Source
Years Riding: Eleven
Years Diggin’: The same
Job: programming milling machines
Ambition: to work less

1: What was the last thing you did today before answering this lot?
I prepared a vegetal soup for my joint tenants: Les Sourciers.

2: Where did you ride your bike last?
La Source trails.

3: What was the last new trick you learnt?
I don’t know… when I test a new trick and then I return to it, I find that too ugly thus I prefer to improve my old tricks by taking more height on the jumps…

4: When did you last build up a new bike?
The last week, I build up my new beautiful Deluxe.

5: What was the last album you bought?
Eric Clapton, Since Dust Sleeps Above.

6: What was the last book you read?
Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber.

7: What was the last BMX video you watched?

8: What was the last city you visited?
San Sebastian in Spain.

9: When, and where, were you last genuinely lost on your travels?
The last year during a road trip in England and finally we fell on people incredible (Dan and Jack) and on an incredible spot: Brighouse. Thanks!

10: What was your last meal?
A vegetable soup when I prepared before to answer this lot.

11: What was the last great gadget or invention that you saw or bought?
The iPhone!

12: When was the last time you scared yourself?
The last time when I saw ride my friend Will good style

13: Where is the last place on earth you want to visit?


Top 5 Trails Riders Of All Time
1. Brian Yeagle
2. Chris Stauffer
3. Kris Bennett
4. Magilla
5. Brian Foster

Top 5 Trails Spots I’ve Ridden
1. Gréoux
2. Pipe trail
3. Elian House
4. KTC
5. Marc House

Top 5 Countries
1. Chile
2. France
3. England
4. Spain
5. Moldavia

Top 5 Books
1. L ‘Usinage 5 Axes
2. Le Bizarre Incident Du Chien Pendant La Nuit
3. Mike Contre Attaque : Michael Moore
4. American Psycho
5. Les Thanatonautes

Top 5 Films
1. Viens Chez Moi J’ Habite Chez Une Copine
2. Le Diner De Con
3. Ange De Feu
4. Super Size Me
5. 40 Jours 40 Nuit. I love Shannyn Sossamon!

Top 5 BMX videos
1. Save The Woods
2. Free As The Bird
3. Little Devil Seek And Destroy
4. Building The Underground
5. Voices

Top 5 Websites
1. Bmxinfo
2. CA Charente/Perigord
3. South Park Streaming
4. Deluxe
5. Ryan Hoey

Top 5 Magazines
1. Dig
2. Ride UK
3. Soul
4. L’usine Nouvelle
5. Bitch mag

Top 5 Places
1. Dordogne
2. La Source
3. Brighouse
4. Elian House
5. La Moldavie

Top 5 Companies in BMX
1. Deluxe
2. Toads
3. T1
4. Simple
5. FBM

Top 5 Photographers
1. Little Chicken
2. Vincent Perraud
3. Olive, Bitch Mag
4. Alex Piechta
5. Sandy Carson

Top 5 Places I want to visit
1. Catty Wood
2. Winchester
3. Posh
4. Australia
5. Canada

pompoms sacre bleu new bike

FRAME: Deluxe Sacre Bleu, clearcoat, 21.5″ XXL size
FORK: Odyssey
BARS: Deluxe V2 XXL
GRIPS: Deluxe Shovelhands
CRANKS: Primo Cromoly
SPROCKET: Deluxe Pompom 30T OF COURSE!
PEDALS: Deluxe F-Lite
SEAT: Deluxe Superlight Leatherish
WHEELS: Deluxe F-Lite hubs front and rear, Primo Rims
BRAKES: Dia Compe


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